Hyper-V Server: Installing, configuring and troubleshooting

It’s been a few weeks since its release but I finally managed to put my hands on to Hyper-V Server. I was very curious about it: A free operating system released by Microsoft working only as an HyperVisor it makes wonder about a lot of things. Also recently I’ve been working with VMWare ESX Server 3i, that is also the hypervisor working directly on the machine, and I had a good experience (I really loved the monitoring and reporting features that you can use). From the moment I started using Hyper-V Server few troubleshooting tasks needed to be done. Installing Hyper-V Server If you ever installed any operating system, ever, you should not have any problem with this. You’ll of course see that the process is identical from Vista and Windows 2008. To get started with Hyper-V Server there’s available the Hyper-V Server 2008 Configuration Guide. If you want to avoid almost any command line to be executed from now on, Hyper-V Server has a simple tool where you’ll load a menu to access most of the configurations you will need. You can access it using this cmd: C:windowssystem32hvconfig.cmd But I’ll execute the next steps using the command line features, so this procedure will apply as well for Windows 2008 Server Core. Managing Remotely To start using Hyper-V Server you will need Hyper-V Console on your Vista SP1 (remember: there’s no other option for an Hyper-V Server to be managed […]

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