[Step-by-Step] Creating a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster using StarWind iSCSI SAN v8


  If you don’t know StarWind iSCSI SAN product and you currently handling clusters that require a shared storage (not necessarily Windows), I highly recommend to take a look around to this the platform. To summarize, StarWind iSCSI SAN represents a software which allows you to create your own shared storage platform without requiring any additional hardware. I created a […]

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Starwind iSCSI SAN 5.7 Available


  Starwind released recently a new version of their iSCSI SAN solution, Starwind 5.7. It includes several new features that scale up this already great SAN solution, providing some important improvements regarding performance, monitoring and usability for IT administrators. Some of the improvements included: Re-worked and re-designed completely from the scratch all-new HA (high-availability) engine 2x-3x faster compared to previous […]

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Five Easy Steps to Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster using StarWind iSCSI SAN


  When there’s a no direct requirement about the business, people usually avoid the term “cluster” in their platform; mostly just because partial ignorance about the technology. For a long time, no matter if you were using open source platforms, Windows or any other, there was the believing that installing, configuring and maintaining a cluster is just a hard thing […]

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