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[Yada Yada Cloud] Choosing from Exchange On-prem vs Exchange Online: The never ending story? – Part I


Continuing with the cloud discussions, an interesting theme to review is the Office 365 suitability and readiness for each organization. I want to expand this discussion with a comparison between Exchange Online vs Exchange On-Prem, reviewing the most common conversation points when I get to evaluate the Office 365 migration alternative. This is going to be a two set article, […]

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Taking a Quick Look to Software Defined Storage (SDS) – Part I


  Do not be afraid; meet this new (or not so new) player in town: Software Defined Storage (SDS). Moreover, why is it important for you to know about its existence? Why should you start considering evaluating it in your solutions deployed within your organizations or customers? Let us take a quick look into the technology, what represents, and the […]

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[Step-by-Step] Creating a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster using StarWind iSCSI SAN v8


  If you don’t know StarWind iSCSI SAN product and you currently handling clusters that require a shared storage (not necessarily Windows), I highly recommend to take a look around to this the platform. To summarize, StarWind iSCSI SAN represents a software which allows you to create your own shared storage platform without requiring any additional hardware. I created a […]

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About Packaging (and not virtualizing) Applications – Part II: First Approach for Silent Installations


  After the general overview about application packaging, benefits and best practices in Part I of this series, it is time to start working understanding existing installation packages, handle some examples and reviewing step-by-step processes we will need to start packaging applications. In this second post, the focus will be packaging applications without the use of any 3rd party tool, […]

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